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Hi everyone....I have to shut down the old site
since there's no response from Astrid or any one who know/knew her

It's pitty to shut down the site since it has features
such as chat room, and guest book plus some information about her (and her drawing).  Do you think I'm lying to you? Well...just contact me at above email address and I show you where to look.

I might open back this site since this site is very popular (but It depends), and it has been in list of many directories & search engines plus some Indonesian Sites. The site attachs with statistic system which has informed me with the visitors of the site (from USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Canada, Slovak Republik, Italy, Malaysia, Japan, to Indonesia).  Well...I only need support from all of you out there.

BYE from 2 babies

Born on 27 Februari is
Born on 26 Februari said:
Crying (please don't shut the site)
Bye-Bye to you all..see you next time!

The images are came from site at URL:

>got to go
>no tissue...shuttt
>Ampun deh!
>ketemu lagi!